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UT Dallas Content Creator Program

The UT Dallas Content Creator Program was designed to empower students to be the best creator they can be.


The program allows creators to collaborate with each other and build communities of their own. The program is here for you to learn how to create content, brand yourself, and grow an audience. Content Creators will assist in all events, socials, and charities! Our official program allows UT Dallas students to grow as a streamer and content creator, and get to represent their university through their passion.

Student Content Creator Lead

The UT Dallas Content Creator Program is run by our Student Content Creator Lead, Kelsi Tresko “KelsiPlays”. Should you have specific questions regarding the Content Creator Program and the application process, please contact her through the #questions channel in our Discord Server.

Meet Kelsi Tresko, "Kelsiplays"

Kelsi is a student at the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication focused on Critical Media Studies, and a minor in Philosophy. She has six years of streaming knowledge, connections, and partnerships.


By traveling around the nation to different gaming events, she has been able to meet some of the gaming industries top content creators. She is personally sponsored by Alienware, a Discord partner, and a part of TeamKitty. Working alongside brands like Bethesda, MacCosmetics, MonsterCat, and more. She is here for you to pick her brain, ask questions, and help you in any way she can.

Program Highlights

As a UTD Content Creator you will be involved with the UT Dallas Esports Program and student-athletes. In the past creators have raised almost a thousand dollars for charity every semester and rising. They have participated in things like OOZE ball, game nights, and even homecoming parades! We look forward to making content with you!

Kelsi Tresko


Content Creator FAQ

We’ve received a few questions and thought it would be beneficial to include a FAQ about the content creator program here! If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Discord: https://discord.gg/utdesports

You can visit https://utdesports.com/creators to read more information about the UT Dallas Content Creator Program as well as be redirected to the application. Feel free to direct questions through our Official Discord Server to our Student Lead of Content Creators or email us at [email protected].

At this moment we do not have a set requirement for channel following/subscriber count! We are looking more specifically at quality vs. quantity as we’re wanting passionate students who truly enjoy making content & are interested in joining our team.

First off, you’ll need to make sure that you’re VERIFIED and have the “Student” role on our Official Discord Server. Next, you’ll need to apply at https://utdesports.com/creators and await your application decision.


Please note: All content on your channel must be following the University’s Guidelines and Student Code of Conduct at The University of Texas at Dallas. Please clean up anything that could be represented poorly as your channel as, if selected, your content would be broadcasted on our official channels. 

We’re glad you asked! We’ve got tonnnssss of benefits for our creators. First off, you’ll grow directly as a content creator and streamer along with the growth of our program here at UT Dallas! Our channels are set to automatically host other live channels from members on our porgram, meaning we’ll be hosting your channel quite often! You’ll also get to work directly hand-on-hand with the Esports Program & Team at The University of Texas at Dasllas (along with the pride of saying you’re a part of your university’s esports program). You’ll also be collaborating with other like minded content creators! You’ll additionally get setup with a super shiny badge on our Discord, some branded twitch/social media assets, and many more benefits.